Overcoming Losing Streaks in Social Trading

How to overcome Draw-downs in Social Trading One of the most difficult things for a trader to deal with in Social Trading is losing streaks. You had a good run, Adrenalin is running, and suddenly you experience situations with a high amount of pressure. You start seeing a couple of red trades in a row. What happens

major consolidation across all markets

We are currently seeing a major consolidation across all markets. The euro has a positive outlook against the overseas markets, while the commodities are losing the interest of investors. Asian and american stock exchanges have some start-up difficulties during start of each session, while the European exchanges are still benefiting from the positive sentiment of the

After the election is before the election

France elected their new president, Emmanuel Macron yesterday. Macron, known as a friend of the EU idea, makes the economy experts smile, but this is only a joy at first sight. Although 65.8% of the French voted Macron, we should not now hyperventilate! More than 34% of the French chose the “Euro-enemy” camp. Five years ago this

FED Index is up to 94% for June

Today’s trading day promises to be very exciting. The first NFP figures for the second quarter will be published today at 1:30pm BST. Interesting so far as the figures are solidly expected and show whether the FED is still on course with your monetary policy program. More detailed information will be obtained from Yellen at


Today’s trading day starts with some strongly volatile movements in the market, which have already started in the run-up. This was triggered by positive performance in the DAX and CAC, as well as the positive economic data from the EU. On top of that, the ADP figures from the US yesterday, with just plus 2,000

French Elections, The Economy And You

French election: The economic tough call The French Presidential Election on May 7th will have a crucial effect on the economy, and perhaps your trading portfolio. As you may know, France is one of the most important economies in the European Union and considered a key political risk this year. A change in the country’s

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