Tradeo acquires its new broker license!

Introduction to Tradeo’s new broker license Four years after its foundation,, has finally acquired control over its own regulation. The new broker license received the name from UR Fix Trade Ltd. and was granted by the CySEC under the number 283/15. This means that is now a fully legal Broker enjoying all its benefits that come

Cognitive dissonance in the markets

Cognitive dissonance is a psychological condition in which individuals that hold certain beliefs end up acting in a completely contrary manner to them. This is a condition that’s particularly prevalent in the markets. There may often be clear, valid reasoning for selling a certain stock because of a major scandal related to it and yet,

6 facts from Forex history you must know today!

So how many facts from Forex history can you cite? The Forex Market has become instrumental in shaping the world, literally, though it hasn’t always been like that. Nowadays, it is a daily reality that moves over $5.3 trillion dollars and never sleeps, except on the weekends. That trading volume amounts to no less than 4 times

Analysis on Shell Quarterly Report

Overview on Shell Quarterly Report by our experts Thanks to Shell Quarterly Report, top Traders from Social Trading broker, Tradeo have seen a sharp decrease on the price for crude oil in the last 2 months. But the effect was felt on all players worldwide, and is expected to reverberate for the next few months. This

4 Forex resources you absolutely need to know about

Introduction to Forex resources The internet is filled with Forex resources for every type of trader. We all agree that education is essential before every endeavor, assuming one wishes to succeed. Yet, this stands even truer when it comes to Forex because of the high complexity of the game. Many traders report having spent days

Comparison of 5 Trading profiles

Trading profiles form an important part of a trader’s strategy and help shape one’s own decisions. They are vital to the development of a trader’s career, therefore knowing them can be a great advantage. Social Trading Platforms such as Tradeo present the benefit of allowing traders to follow their peers’ orders. Tradeo provides a unique system in which every

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