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French Elections, The Economy And You

French election: The economic tough call The French Presidential Election on May 7th will have a crucial effect on the economy, and perhaps your trading portfolio. As you may know, France is one of the most important economies in the European Union and considered a key political risk this year. A change in the country’s

Cognitive dissonance in the markets

Cognitive dissonance is a psychological condition in which individuals that hold certain beliefs end up acting in a completely contrary manner to them. This is a condition that’s particularly prevalent in the markets. There may often be clear, valid reasoning for selling a certain stock because of a major scandal related to it and yet,

The Olympic Games and the Financial Markets

The Olympic Games as a game changer There’s a lot of excitement in the air over the Olympic Games. Often, it’s easy for investors to fall prey to thinking that markets will be bullish. Many people, swept by the frenzy caused by gurus and other authorities, think they are safe with any investment. But how true is that? Investors

Comparison of 5 Trading profiles

Trading profiles form an important part of a trader’s strategy and help shape one’s own decisions. They are vital to the development of a trader’s career, therefore knowing them can be a great advantage. Social Trading Platforms such as Tradeo present the benefit of allowing traders to follow their peers’ orders. Tradeo provides a unique system in which every

How to invest in a trading company using PER?

Definition of a trading company’s PER Investing in a trading company is never a bad choice. Many of the analysts at believe this might be one of the most profitable investments. That is, under the condition that a person conducts proper analysis prior to the fact. There are many tools that can help you determine the potential

A review on Yahoo’s deal with Verizon

Newspaper’s around the world have officially announced Yahoo’s deal with Verizon. The bargain consisted of its internet activities’ sale to the Verizon Group. This is the end of a long series of months of suspense. For nearly $ 5 billion, Verizon put its hand on the heart of business of the former star of the

The Brexit aftermath explained

The Brexit was by far one of the most important events that shook the economy and the world. Nowadays, newspapers and TV channels are talking a lot about it, and for good reason. Some people are in favor and some people against. For now, we can’t judge what is best, whether for t he EU or

Is trading like gambling?

Trading is often associated with gambling because in both activities there’s the potential for gain and many unknown elements. However, you probably read this in many articles: the Financial Market is not a casino. In fact, Financial markets and especially Forex have nothing to do with gambling. Forgetting this principle is the surest way to

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