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The Bitcoin Economy in Numbers

Just how big is this Bitcoin? We all know the term ‘money in the bank’. For most people, money is physical coins and notes, or numbers in your bank sheet. Bitcoin however, is none of the above. It is the cryptocurrency that only keeps growing, although its demise has been predicted numerous times before. Yet

UK ELECTIONS 2017 – Part one

The next large scale European event is the United Kingdom general election, scheduled to take place on 8 June 2017. With the U.K. general election less than a week away, and campaigning interrupted by the tragic Manchester bombing and London attack, it’s time to get up to speed. What do you need to know about it and

What Makes the Forex Market shift?

Like every financial market, the Forex market also moves based on supply and demand. Seemingly it’s a very simple explanation: If more traders want to buy a certain stock, commodity or currency than there are those willing to sell, then the market moves up in price. However, things are not so simple. Compared to other

French Elections, The Economy And You

French election: The economic tough call The French Presidential Election on May 7th will have a crucial effect on the economy, and perhaps your trading portfolio. As you may know, France is one of the most important economies in the European Union and considered a key political risk this year. A change in the country’s

Cognitive dissonance in the markets

Cognitive dissonance is a psychological condition in which individuals that hold certain beliefs end up acting in a completely contrary manner to them. This is a condition that’s particularly prevalent in the markets. There may often be clear, valid reasoning for selling a certain stock because of a major scandal related to it and yet,

The Olympic Games and the Financial Markets

The Olympic Games as a game changer There’s a lot of excitement in the air over the Olympic Games. Often, it’s easy for investors to fall prey to thinking that markets will be bullish. Many people, swept by the frenzy caused by gurus and other authorities, think they are safe with any investment. But how true is that? Investors

Comparison of 5 Trading profiles

Trading profiles form an important part of a trader’s strategy and help shape one’s own decisions. They are vital to the development of a trader’s career, therefore knowing them can be a great advantage. Social Trading Platforms such as Tradeo present the benefit of allowing traders to follow their peers’ orders. Tradeo provides a unique system in which every

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