5 things you can do with Tradeo’s Social Web Trader

Let’s be honest, in today’s fast changing world of finance traders want more than just a trading platform that can execute buy and sell orders. Most traders will have different types of approach towards the markets but what all traders have in common is they are looking for trading platforms that not only meet basic needs but provide additional tools to make their trading more efficient.

Tradeo’s Social Web Trader is such trading platform that combines many different tools in one place. It actually represents one of the most forward looking trading environments where traders can feel at home and no longer feel isolated in their trading. Here we present a handful of features that define Tradeo’s Social Web Trader.

Trade Conveniently

The Social Web Trader is a web-based trading platform which means that you are able to access it through any device with an internet connection and an internet browser. Whether you want to check your ongoing trades or trade actively you just need to login to your profile. The Social Web Trader gives you access to all available assets that Tradeo has listed and many great trading tools like a “Favourites” bar where you can add frequently traded instruments and stay on top of the markets at a glance. You can perform trades from your “Symbols” list, “Favorites” bar or trade off the chart you are currently monitoring.

A Trading Community at your fingertips

The Social Web Trader is so much more than just a trading platform. It gives you quick access to Tradeo’s community of traders and allows to exchange ideas and see what other traders are doing and focusing on. The “Feed” tab offers you a chance to share interesting information with the rest of the trading community and can also serve as a great source of updates on the market. Post a breaking news article, ask a question about your trading strategy, discuss market behavior – it is all up to you to decide how you want to engage with the community.

Follow profitable traders

One of the main reasons behind the increasing popularity of social trading is the fact that you can follow successful traders. As a beginner trader this is proven to have the ability to shorten your learning curve and put you on the right track very fast whereas if you were learning to trade alone it may take you much longer before you develop a profitable approach. Get to know the best traders in the community, read about their experience and trading style, check their trading results, follow the progress of traders that catch your attention and make progress with them. Simple.

Trade with Signals

The “Signals” tab in your Social Web Trader provides you with a stream of trading ideas that you can use in your own trading. It tells you what other traders believe is the direction of the markets and even gives you the chance to perform the same trades as they appear in the “Signals” feed. Whether you think a signal is matching your own opinion about the markets or not it can still be a valuable tool to help you filter market sentiment.

Small Details

There is many things about Tradeo’s Social Web Trader that may go unnoticed but are of great help to any trader. The “Market Sentiment” tool for instance gives you a quick overview of the amount of buying and selling in any market. “Trading Session” info at the bottom-left corner of the platform is there to give you a quick heads-up on the trading sessions that you are currently trading in. Profit/Loss calculator in the New Order window is able to calculate your stop loss and take profit levels depending on a specific amount that you want to risk or profit which, off course, is of great help for day traders that have to make fast decisions.

And that is definitely not all folks. Check out our Learning Center where we have added video tutorials covering the Social Web Trader and its many features in more detail.

Wishing you successful trading!

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