5 ways to make your trading profile stand out

The main difference between Social Trading and regular online trading – is people. Social Trading is all about people sharing their knowledge to profit together, without depending on conventional financial institutions.

In this Social environment, the people who get the most attention are always the ones with the best profiles. So before you jump to your first trade, we would like to offer you a few simple steps you can take – in order to make the best profile page you can have.

1. Set a good profile picture

This is basic. The first thing people notice on any social platform from dating to trading, is the profile picture. Our data show that traders with real profile pictures get 20 times more interest than traders without one. So the very basic is to upload a good picture of yourself just as you start to edit your profile. However, if you are shy, you can always use our Vector profile picture option, just to give your profile a bit of a personal touch.
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2. Get the verified badge

Only traders who have verified their phone number and email – get our unique verified badge. Now, this might sound lame to you, but the fact is that just like top rated sellers on Ebay, traders with a ‘verified badge’ get much more traction from other traders. People eventually prefer other people who were checked out and they know they can trust. Give them reasons to trust you!
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3. Tell others about yourself

One of the biggest mistakes people do while filling in their profile, is to leave it half empty. An incomplete profile might leave the wrong impression of you. So don’t just go half way – be all in and let others see what you’re all about by filling in more details about yourself in your profile page. It will definitely make you seem more like a respected trader, and therefore increase your profile’s interest.
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4. Connect your social networks

Like we said Social Trading is about people, so, why not show your fellow traders what kind of a person you are. By connecting your other social networks to your Tradeo profile, you show something about yourself and expose yourself to much more information. More importantly, you get our special ‘trust badge’ which will promote you to be a ‘top rated trader’ in no time! Remember that socially verified traders are considered more reliable among their peers.
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5. Post broadcasts, signals and comments

Just like in all social media, the active users are the ones you see the most. Meaning, the larger your activity scale is – the larger your exposure gets. To put in simple words, be socially active by posting broadcasts, signals, comments and more. This is what social trading is all about – sharing information. It will also boost you up among our traders, make you more popular and easy to follow.
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Finished? Great! Now all that’s left is to get out there. Once your profile page is complete, you are truly ready for Social Trading. Remember, this isn’t just any other trading site, it’s an idea thriving for a more transparent, better trading world. Become a part of our revolution and complete your profile page today!  




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