Tradeo acquires its new broker license!

Introduction to Tradeo’s new broker license

new broker licenseFour years after its foundation,, has finally acquired control over its own regulation. The new broker license received the name from UR Fix Trade Ltd. and was granted by the CySEC under the number 283/15. This means that is now a fully legal Broker enjoying all its benefits that come with the title.

So far, the platform received authorization to use the Licensed Broker FX Globe, which allowed it to benefit from its control, while under the same rules and obligations.

Having old licenses from third parties is common practice in the brokerage industry. In principle, it’s never really a problem and, up until now we’ve partnered with different brokers.

Now that we own the license, we can provide the best trading service possible to our clients – as everything needed is done internally; development, support, back-office and trading support.

Getting our own license is a sign of real relief. It will allow to have full control of the customer experience, without going through an intermediary to manage our accounts, making the processes much faster and flexible.

Faster validation of accounts

As expected, will now be able to better meet the higher expectations of its members by processing payments a lot faster. In recent years, some of them complained of slowness in validating their accounts.

Up until now, Traders couldn’t use the platform and start investing as they did without submitting the legal documents to prove their identity. This constraint is a legal obligation from which no platform can escape.

Now will be able to guarantee validation of account within 48 hours upon receipt of legal documents. It’s a relief because this expectation kept customer relations uncertain, since waiting periods could sometimes exceeded go up to 4 days in the past.

With the new broker license, withdrawals will be done in 24 hours

broker licenseAnother element that should improve the customer experience at is the withdrawals. Despite efforts, the process remained slow: the customer had to wait eight days before seeing their money appeared in their bank accounts. In recovering the full control of its operation, will ensure withdrawals within 24 hours.

In summary, by acquiring its own broker license from UR Fix Trade Ltd, takes a step further to meet the dynamism and flexibility with which the platform has been known for. This way, we will continue our rapid growth in additional countries, even though some countries like Belgium has blocked us from working with them. will offer exceptional service and fair conditions to our clients by introducing a unified platform across web and mobile devices, offering additional social collaboration tools (these are still a secret as they are works in progress)

Tradeo’s history to excellence

In essence, this has been Tradeo’s wish all along, to implement innovative ideas for an innovative platform, to improve and always move forward. If the idea was to enable everyone to share information and provide advice on the internet existed, took it to heart.

Its founder, Jonathan Adest, received the challenge to represent the opening of trading online to individuals. But he knew that the boundaries were well represented. Faced with popular platforms such as MT4, since its inception 12 years ago has hardly changed at all. It was necessary to propose new tools adapted to a wider audience.

With, the goal has been achieved: to offer a more social trading platform that would leave the star to its members.

Traders can easily communicate through internal chat. It has access to the opinions of everyone and ask questions.

They are pinged on the latest information on markets, positions taken and major asset. Each trader has a clear vision of the profile of the person he wishes to copy the investment. He knows that these are real people. He knows what their performance and how they trade. More importantly, he knows if the investment is effected through his demo or live account with their own money.



Today offers direct financial services by allowing people to copy the investments.

Since its inception, has raised $ 10 million. This allowed the founders to build a platform for thousands of investors to trade more easily Forex, with success.

This is an important step for Tradeo, but the platform does not intend to stop there. We are currently working on new innovative collaborative tools that should soon emerge. To the great satisfaction of our customers.

Other benefits will be readily felt by our clients and we hope to continue our work of improving our services provided.

Safe trading!



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