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The Bitcoin Economy in Numbers

Just how big is this Bitcoin? We all know the term ‘money in the bank’. For most people, money is physical coins and notes, or numbers in your bank sheet. Bitcoin however, is none of the above. It is the cryptocurrency that only keeps growing, although its demise has been predicted numerous times before. Yet

What Makes the Forex Market shift?

Like every financial market, the Forex market also moves based on supply and demand. Seemingly it’s a very simple explanation: If more traders want to buy a certain stock, commodity or currency than there are those willing to sell, then the market moves up in price. However, things are not so simple. Compared to other

6 facts from Forex history you must know today!

So how many facts from Forex history can you cite? The Forex Market has become instrumental in shaping the world, literally, though it hasn’t always been like that. Nowadays, it is a daily reality that moves over $5.3 trillion dollars and never sleeps, except on the weekends. That trading volume amounts to no less than 4 times

4 Forex resources you absolutely need to know about

Introduction to Forex resources The internet is filled with Forex resources for every type of trader. We all agree that education is essential before every endeavor, assuming one wishes to succeed. Yet, this stands even truer when it comes to Forex because of the high complexity of the game. Many traders report having spent days

8 Factors responsible for Forex fluctuation

All Financial Markets are subject to fluctuation due to a variety of factors. One of their main differences is the degree to which they shift according to outside events. Compared to other markets, the Forex Market in particular is very volatile and tends to suffer much more dramatic shifts. A minor fluctuation that can often go

First steps for beginners in Forex

Trading in the Forex Market can be difficult, but everyone can learn. While many other Forex and Binary Options companies desire that their traders lose money in order to increase transactions, Tradeo doesn’t profit that way and has particular interest that everyone wins. While this is not always possible, this removes the all-prevalent problem of

Busting the Forex myths

Forex myths have been plaguing the markets for a long time. Many rumors and misconceptions have derided people and prevented them from making money, especially with Social Trading. These myths have often been propagated due to lack of proper knowledge, fear, or simple laziness to know the truth. Whatever the case may be, there is always

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