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German index continues to record

Today’s trading day started with two groundbreaking announcements in the trading day. On the one hand, the unemployment rate in New Zealand fell by 0.3% from 5.2% to 4.9%, which officially raises New Zealand’s full employment status. In addition, the UK’s retail prices fell by a further 0.3%, which clearly reflects the inner-political misery of

UK economy slowed more than expected

Day 1 in May. The first few hours of the new month, the market was quite relaxed. Nevertheless, some data are on the market that could cause some worries. On the one hand, the signs reinforce the fact that the euro’s restructuring process can hardly be stopped. Moreover, the UK economy slowed more than expected

Gold Takes The Elevator Down

There were some joyful moves for the USD at the end of the week which almost completely eliminated the falling courses over the evening hours. This is mainly due to the fact that the US has been able to settle your budget to prevent the US government’s insolvency. Republicans and Democrats agreed on an expenditure

Analysts see EUR/USD rise in long term

Analysts see a EURUSD rise in the long term. One of the main bearers was the rather disappointing press conference of Draghi on this afternoon. There were no more than perseverance. This was confirmed by the market with slight down trends of the EUR. To this end, the average to positive figures from the US

Draghi (EUR) should be able to win

A comparatively quiet trading day is slowly drawing to a close. Today, strong movements are expected particularly in the afternoon hours in the EUR/USD, EUR/GBP and USD/GBP, as the ECB is meeting for its monthly press conference. With the back of the last days, Draghi should be able to win the hearts of the investors

Stocks continues triumph…

Today’s trading day promises some surprises and unexpected moves for traders and investors. After the announcement of CB consumer confidence in the US, which fell by good 4% and due to the government’s continuing inconsistencies in the congress, the USD dropped again. Even the positive signals from the sale of new US properties could stabilize

Gold took it all…

The market has, as expected, allowed itself a little rest to digest the results of the election and the political unrest in Europe and the USA. The EUR/USD fluctuated by -94 pips and adjust to a daily minus of 38 pips. We see a similar picture in the EUR/GBP, where the day range was 50

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