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A single trade can make or break a trader

Successful trading is all about discipline and ability to manage risk. The tricky part however is to be able to resist temptation to brake your own rules. And as you can guess situations that put you in a position to break the rules are not few on the markets. Your ability to stick to your

Emotions and trading don’t go well together

Trading always feels exciting when you first discover it. It doesn’t really matter whether you saw an online broker ad or it was a natural discovery as a finance student in university. Placing that first real trade and watching every tick the market makes feels almost like betting 20 bucks on the roulette. It feels

Aim for experience instead of profits

All people trading full time and depending on their trading results for a living have come to the realization that trading should be treated as a business if one is to succeed in this field. This means doing your due diligence as any businessman would do in order to learn the in and outs of

Trader’s routine

When it comes to trading the financial markets every single trader will tell you that to be successful in this field you need to be determined and have rock solid discipline. But what does it really mean to be determined and well disciplined? Its actually not that hard if you break it down to a

Social Trading is here to stay

Its easy to get used to a good thing Its pretty simple. Once people get used to something that is improving their lifestyle there is no going back. Just take a look at how the internet has changed our lives and has made us more connected than ever. Now there is a whole new generation

How to pick a trader to Copy

Before using Tradeo’s great Copy feature you would need to pick traders that you would like to Copy trades from. In this article we will go over the process of analyzing and choosing a trader to Copy using the “Traders“ section. Once you open the “Traders“ section all the traders trading with Tradeo will be grouped in

How To Copy a Trader

After you analyze and choose a trader to copy based on his trading statistics it is time to configure the parameters of the trades that will be copied. When you are ready to start copying a trader you can simply click on the “Copy” button located under the trader’s summary or within the trader’s profile:  

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