Social Trading is here to stay

Its easy to get used to a good thing

Its pretty simple. Once people get used to something that is improving their lifestyle there is no going back. Just take a look at how the internet has changed our lives and has made us more connected than ever. Now there is a whole new generation that has never lived in a world without internet. Some don’t even remember the days before broadband when we used to get ridiculously slow dial-up connection and pay per minute. Today we are so used to all the benefits that the internet has introduced that we cannot even imagine our lives without it.

The time to learn how to trade and invest is now

Innovations have brought us tons of opportunities. Just some 20 years ago trading on the financial markets was reserved for a small group of people who could afford to trade with no leverage and pay trading costs in forms of spreads and commissions that were so big you had to trade mostly long term in order to overcome the expenses. Day trading and spot trading were considered suicide by many investors at the time. Today we can jump out of bed and dive straight into the biggest financial markets in the world just by owning a computer or a smartphone with an internet connection. Trading conditions have improved so much that nowadays most markets can be traded intraday with reasonable costs.

Social trading is the new standard

All these improvements have made financial trading more and more attractive to people that have no prior experience in this field just because they can now have a go at it. This is how Social Trading platforms emerged to fill a vacuum that has been created by people coming to the world of trading and wanting to learn. Its the most logical step forward – offering both experienced and novice traders an environment where they can both grow. And like everything new it took some time before people can appreciate the advantage but once they did it became a necessity.

A novice trader is no longer in a position where he or she is left without an example to follow. The moment you register with Tradeo you are already offered a chance to observe how profitable traders operate. You can choose your teachers and you can imitate their trading approach. Members of Tradeo’s trading community are even given a chance to invest in successful traders and duplicate their trading strategies. This surely is one of the fastest ways to learn how the markets operate and find what works and what doesn’t. The larger this community grows the more efficient it becomes. Social Trading platforms have merged all the tools you need at one place – a broker, a news website, a trading forum, a learning source and most importantly a place to discover, analyze and invest in successful traders.

Today it becomes apparent that Social Trading has really become a necessity that people demand. And because of this the popularity of Social Trading has grown so much that it has secured its place in the industry. Its a simple case of supply and demand forces at work.



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