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Cognitive dissonance in the markets

Cognitive dissonance is a psychological condition in which individuals that hold certain beliefs end up acting in a completely contrary manner to them. This is a condition that’s particularly prevalent in the markets. There may often be clear, valid reasoning for selling a certain stock because of a major scandal related to it and yet,

Comparison of 5 Trading profiles

Trading profiles form an important part of a trader’s strategy and help shape one’s own decisions. They are vital to the development of a trader’s career, therefore knowing them can be a great advantage. Social Trading Platforms such as Tradeo present the benefit of allowing traders to follow their peers’ orders. Tradeo provides a unique system in which every

Is trading like gambling?

Trading is often associated with gambling because in both activities there’s the potential for gain and many unknown elements. However, you probably read this in many articles: the Financial Market is not a casino. In fact, Financial markets and especially Forex have nothing to do with gambling. Forgetting this principle is the surest way to

6 Ways Companies Can Scam Traders

In virtually everywhere around the world a person can find a scam. Surprisingly, the amount traded daily in the Forex markets has increased to an average of about $5.3 trillion a day according to the Bank of International Settlements. This amount has been steadily increasing for the past 10 years. With so much money circulating around the world,

Tradeo will be launching new training soon

Stay tuned: Tradeo will feature new free training courses for beginners! Tradeo announced recently the establishment of new training programs for novice traders. As a leader in its sector, the company already provides several courses for beginners but also confirmed now that it will be investing in more material. This means that we are to expect

8 Factors responsible for Forex fluctuation

All Financial Markets are subject to fluctuation due to a variety of factors. One of their main differences is the degree to which they shift according to outside events. Compared to other markets, the Forex Market in particular is very volatile and tends to suffer much more dramatic shifts. A minor fluctuation that can often go

7 trading traps in the Financial Markets

There exist many trading traps that can trip traders and make them lose. While engaging in the Financial Markets can be very exciting and lucrative, without guidance, a proper plan and a proper frame of mind, a person can lose a fortune. The trading traps present therein are very dangerous, but can be avoided most of the times.

First steps for beginners in Forex

Trading in the Forex Market can be difficult, but everyone can learn. While many other Forex and Binary Options companies desire that their traders lose money in order to increase transactions, Tradeo doesn’t profit that way and has particular interest that everyone wins. While this is not always possible, this removes the all-prevalent problem of

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